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Optique Clinic is a modern, boutique-style Optometric clinic that offers comprehensive eye examinations done by an experienced Optometrist, performed using the latest technologies in the field. We will make sure that you feel minimum to no discomfort during the eye exams, and give you accurate results.

Eye healthcare is our priority at Optique Clinic. This is why each examination is almost an hour long where we use the latest technology to diagnose any conditions and asses the health of your eyes. Appropriate advise is given based on the state of your eye health, whether its vision management,  infection control or even managing your general health to improve your overall well being.

At Optique Clinic, we carry all of the latest and GENUINE designer brands so you can be assured you’ll find the perfect glasses for your needs. 

Choose from the most desirable brands including Prada, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Armani and many more.

 Affordable spectacle frames are also available, not compromising on the quality or fashion. 

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Interested in Contact lenses? Whether you are looking for a more practical solution when playing sports, going out, travelling or are simply after a new look, contact lenses are a great choice for many people.

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